метално халеIn the past few years VHV LTD has established itself as one of the leaders in the sector of industrial construction and as a proved reliable partner in working with architects, investors, and clients.

The firm manages two industrial enterprises of metal constructions and metal products in Plovdiv and GLOKOM 98 PLC – for production and repair of bodywork and chassis in the village of Glozhene (Teteven).




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готово хале

Since its foundation the company has been striving to combine the best from the traditions of GLOKOM 98 PLC and the market positioning of VHV LTD with the global experience and the high German standards.

VHV LTD is not only striving to be a leader on the market for production of metal constructions but it would also like to introduce the best modern technologies and practices.

The company will continue investing in human resources, environmental protection and nature-friendly production as opposed to the informal sector.

Plovdiv has around 90 employees who already work for the leading company. It invests in improving the qualification of the workers and employees and in introducing leading management, production and business practices.












VHV LTD Plovdiv is managed by Mr. Hristo Ivanov – manager and chairman of the Board of the Directors of GLOKOM 98 PLC. ‘What makes us different from the other manufacturers of metal constructions in Bulgaria is the high level of quality and control on each of the stages, the high qualification of the personnel, the innovation policy, and the environmental protection. Besides the production, the company guarantees uniquely short terms and installation precision.

The available mechanization (5 auto cranes, 5 aerial platforms and a number of lifting and transport equipment) is a serious advantage before the competitors and the combination of precision and qualification of our personnel performing the installation, proves our leadership.’

Being approved for gaining certificates in accordance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, VHV LTD moved to a new level of perfection in the achievement of best results. Thus, we finished the basic cycle of turning the company into a role model for the manufacturers of constructions in Bulgaria!