VHV Ltd – a reliable partner in the industrial construction sector

VHV Ltd. is a leading company in the sector of industrial construction and metal structures production and proves to be a reliable partner in its work with architects, investors and customers.

Since its establishing, the company strives to combine the best of VHV’s market positions with the global experience and high German standards.

We aspire not only to be a market leader for the production of metal constructions in Bulgaria, but also to implement the best modern technologies and practices. We continue to invest in our human resources, eco-friendly production practices and environmental protection in order to maintain a sustainable progress.

VHV Ltd. has currently over 90 highly qualified employees. We invest in employees’ training and their qualification enhancement and are constantly working on introducing of new leading management, production and business practices.

High quality and standards in the implementation of projects

The company’s management is aware of the need for quality and strict compliance with the work performance procedures, therefore relies on an established practice and has real certificates according to individual standards:

2.1 EN 1090-2- for metal construction production, level 3

2.2 ISO EN 8051 Sа 21/2- material cleaning

2.3 Welding standard EN 3834-2, to which the relevant WPQR and WPS are prepared, allowing welds production of different types and with high complexity

2.4 Operational control is carried out in more than 7 points at different stages of production by qualified specialists for visual and welding supervisio
An international welding engineer (IWE) monitors the execution perfromance and prepares procedures for various projects.

VHV Ltd. Plovdiv is managed by Mr. Hristo Ivanov

Brief statistics of completed projects gives us a reason to believe that we are a leader in our field and we gladly welcome future challenges:


Hristo Ivanov


“What differentiates us from other metal manufacturers in Bulgaria and abroad is the high quality and control in each stage of the production, the high qualification of our staff, the innovation policy and the care for the environment. We also guarantee short deadlines of performance and precision of installation.”


Year Completed projects and orders
2013 78
2014 73
2015 68
2016 77
2017 49
2018 46
2019 48